I-410 Interchange Improvements
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I-410 Interchange Improvements

The Texas Department of Transportation is proposing interchange improvements at I-410 and SH 151 and I-410 and US 90 on the west side of San Antonio. The proposed projects include:

  • The construction of a fully directional interchange at US 90, and a fully directional interchange at SH 151.
  • Operational improvements along I-410 from north of Culebra Road to Valley Hi Drive and SH 151 that will involve relocating existing entrance/exit ramps and the addition of various auxiliary lanes to accommodate the direct connect interchange.
  • Adding an additional lane in each direction to I-410 from SH 151 to Ingram Road. The added capacity in this area will make I-410 an eight-lane expressway.

The ultimate interchange cost is $210 million for I-410 at SH 151 and $190 million for I-410 at US 90.

Public involvement

Open House – Oct. 2, 2014