US 277 Safety Route Study
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US 277 Safety Route Study

Project overview

TxDOT, in conjunction with the city of Sonora and Sutton County, conducted a study of US Highway 277 (US 277) to identify an alternative safety relief route to ease traffic congestion, enhance mobility and create safer driving conditions.


US 277 is part of the Texas Highway Freight Network and the Ports-to-Plains Corridor (a Congressional-designated High Priority Corridor on the National Highway System). In the city of Sonora, US 277 has two 90 degree turns that make it difficult for oversized and overweight trucks to navigate through the city. The two 90-degree turns also affect the mobility of vehicles as drivers must slow down to safely navigate through the turns.

The US 277 Safety Route Study:

  • Established the need and purpose for the project
  • Studied various alternatives
  • Analyzed current and future traffic
  • Characterized land use and environmental features
  • Developed and screened alternatives to determine benefits and shortcomings of each
  • Identified a recommended alternative to be advanced for further detailed schematic design and environmental study

TxDOT worked closely with local stakeholders and the public to receive their input to the route study, and to guide TxDOT on improving US 277. The study included public meetings, offering the public information about the study and the opportunity to provide feedback to TxDOT. TxDOT will consider the feedback received in its decision-making process moving forward.