FM 494
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FM 494

FM 494 (Shary Road), between SH 107 and FM 1924 (Mile 3 Road), is in need of improvements to enhance safety, accommodate a growing population and increasing traffic, and provide a safer route for pedestrians. TxDOT, in coordination with Hidalgo County and the cities of Palmhurst, McAllen and Alton, is working on the proposed project to continue with the improvement of the FM 494 (Shary Road) corridor. The proposed project includes:

  • Four 12-foot-wide travel lanes (two lanes in each direction)
  • One 16-foot-wide continuous left turn lane
  • 10-foot-wide outside shoulders
  • An underground storm drain system
  • Two drainage outfalls

The proposed project would be constructed in two phases:

  • Phase I from SH 107 to FM 676 (Mile 5) is funded for construction in 2022 but could start in 2018. The necessary right of way (ROW) will be acquired after receiving environmental clearance.
  • Phase II from FM 676 (Mile 5 Road) to FM 1924 (Mile 3 Road) is currently unfunded for ROW and construction. Because Phase I is currently under study, the study for Phase II is also being completed in anticipation of future funding.

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