US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches (Future I-69)
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US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches (Future I-69)

This project is dedicated to improving safety and mobility along US 59 (Future I-69) from Stallings Drive/Loop 224 to 1.3 miles north of US 259 in Nacogdoches County, Texas.

TxDOT is proposing to upgrade existing US 59 to a controlled access roadway by constructing frontage roads and reconstructing the US 59/US 259 interchange. The project would improve interchange connectivity, reduce congestion, increase mobility, and enhance safety. It would be designed to meet interstate standards for possible future designation as I-69 and:

  • Enhance safety and improve mobility along US 59
  • Provide a more efficient hurricane evacuation route
  • Provide system connectivity to I-69, which is a 1,600-mile national highway connecting Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. I-69 also provides access to inland ports and seaports along the gulf coast

Proposed improvements

This 3.7-mile project includes the following:

  • Reconstructing US 59 mainlanes to provide four 12-foot travel lanes, two in each direction, 10-foot-wide inside shoulders with a concrete barrier, and 12-foot-wide outside shoulders
  • Constructing northbound and southbound frontage roads with two 12-foot lanes, four-foot inside shoulders, and 10-foot outside shoulders.
  • Constructing shared use paths along proposed US 59 frontage roads with sidewalks along US 259 throughout project limits
  • Reconfiguring the US 59/US 259 interchange to provide new flyover bridges for northbound US 59 and southbound US 259
  • Additional design changes made after receiving input from Public Meeting #1 (May 2022)
    • Project limits have been extended to Stallings Drive/Loop 224 due to regional and local growth
    • Adding a location for truck parking between Stallings Drive/Loop 224 and FM 343
    • Improved local access within the US 59/US 259 interchange

Project timeline

  • Construction funding for the $213.3 million project was allocated in TxDOT’s Unified Transportation Program (UTP) with construction anticipated to start in 2029
  • Surveying and data collection for schematic and environmental studies began in 2020
  • The schematic and environmental studies are anticipated to be completed in summer 2024
  • Detailed engineering plans, ROW acquisition, and utility relocation are anticipated to begin late 2024. These processes must be completed before construction can begin and may take three to four years to complete.

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