I-35 widening and interchange improvements at Uniroyal and new Hachar-Reuthinger Road
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I-35 widening and interchange improvements at Uniroyal and new Hachar-Reuthinger Road


The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), Laredo District, is proposing to improve mobility and congestion on Interstate Highway 35 (I-35) from approximately 0.5 mile south of the Uniroyal interchange to approximately 3 miles north of the Uniroyal interchange within Webb County. Additional highway improvements are also expected near the Uniroyal interchange along Uniroyal Drive and the Beltway Parkway. The proposed improvements are intended to increase the roadway capacity, improve safety and connections to major streets and highways.

Proposed improvements

The proposed improvements to I-35 include:

  • Realignment of I-35 main lanes.
  • Widening I-35 to three main lanes in each direction.
  • Widening the inside and outside shoulders divided by a concrete traffic barrier. 
  • Converting the existing two-way frontage roads to one-way frontage roads.
  • Widening frontage roads to include turning lanes. 
  • Relocating entrance and exit ramps.
  • Removing former TxDOT rest areas.
  • Constructing a new I-35/Hachar-Reuthinger interchange with elevated crossover bridges.
  • At the Uniroyal interchange, the proposed improvements include:
    • Widening Uniroyal Drive and Beltway Parkway to include two travel lanes and two left-turn lanes in each direction.
    • Adding U-turn lanes to the northbound and southbound frontage road lanes.
    • Adding sidewalks through the interchange.
    • Including a new vertical clearance with a minimum of approximately 19 feet under the Uniroyal interchange bridge.

Consequently, additional right of way (ROW) will be needed along Beltway Parkway and Uniroyal Drive and along the west side of I-35 at the proposed I-35/Hachar-Reuthinger Road interchange. These acquisitions would not result in the displacement of any residential or commercial properties.

Next steps

  • Project will be environmentally cleared summer 2023.
  • Currently scheduled to let for construction bids in October 2024.
  • Construction tentatively scheduled to start in January 2025.

Get involved

TxDOT is affording an opportunity to comment as part of the environmental review process for this project. Comments must be submitted by Monday, July 10, 2023. The Notice and Opportunity to Comment documents are included below with other downloads.