US 90A
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US 90A

The scope of this study is a 6.8 mile span of US 90A in Fort Bend County that runs from State Highway (SH) 6 to Loop 762.

Current conditions

The current roadway has 4 lanes and has an average right-of-way width of 175 feet. Drainage is primarily open ditches with short section of curb-and-gutter between Cunningham Creek drive and SH 99.

Proposed improvements

Proposed improvements between SH 6 and SH 99 include:

  • Expand to 8-lane divided roadway with raised media
  • Curb-and-gutter drainage
  • About a half acre of right-of-way would be required at various points along southern edge of existing right-of-way

Proposed improvements between SH 99 and Loop 762 include:

  • A 6-lane divided roadway with raised median
  • Existing drainage to be maintained

No commercial or residential displacements are anticipated.


This study is a partnership between TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration

Public involvement: