SH 332 from FM 521 to SH 288
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SH 332 from FM 521 to SH 288

The TxDOT Houston District is proposing improvements to SH 332, including drainage in Brazoria County. The total length of the project is approximately 5.3 miles. The purpose of the proposed project would be to reduce traffic congestion, accommodate population growth, enhance mobility, and improve safety and drainage along SH 332.

Current conditions

SH 332 is currently a two-lane rural road with open ditches.

Project background

The SH 332 project began in 1999 for the following reasons:

  • The travel demand exceeds or approaches capacity during both of the daily commute periods
  • Crash rates are higher than the statewide average
  • The lack of an adequate drainage system has contributed to poor drainage and flooded conditions along the roadway and adjacent roadside ditches

A public meeting was held at the Riverside Country Club in 2004 to gather the public’s input on the project. In 2009, a regulatory issue required the project to be on hold. In 2014, the environmental process restarted, and another public meeting was held on September 29, 2015, to update the public on the project and gather comments on the revised design of the roadway. Public input has been incorporated as best as possible to accommodate concerns brought up in verbal and written comments.

Proposed improvements

  • Widen SH 332 from the existing two-lane undivided roadway to a four-lane divided roadway from FM 521 to FM 2004
  • Widen SH 332 from the existing four-lane divided roadway to a six-lane divided roadway from FM 2004 to SH 288
  • Replace bridges at Buffalo Camp Bayou and the diversion channel east of Buffalo Camp Bayou
  • Construct a drainage channel on new location that would run south from SH 332 to the Brazos River
  • Improve drainage ditches


This project is a partnership between TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration.

Additional information

Right of way needed for the project is approximately 70 acres. Displacements may be needed for the road widening. Construction cost is estimated at $44 million.

Next steps


Reference the following project number: 1524-01-047