SH 105 - I-45 to FM 2854
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SH 105 - I-45 to FM 2854

Access management study

State Highway (SH) 105 from I-45 to FM 2854 is a major east-west arterial traversing a rapidly growing area of Montgomery County, Texas. The project limits for this 13.4-mile study segment are primarily within the City of Conroe’s incorporated area with a small section on the western end of the project in the unincorporated area of Montgomery County. In general, the roadway is six lanes with a continuous two-way left-turn lane placed in the center of opposing lanes of traffic. Rapidly increasing commercial, retail, and residential development has caused a notable increase in traffic. In addition, SH 105 provides key access to Lake Conroe recreational activities generating a significant amount of weekend traffic, including vehicles towing trailers. The corridor carries approximately 14 percent heavy truck traffic.

The purpose of this study is to identify short-, medium-, and long-range improvements aimed at reducing crashes, improving mobility, and supporting existing and future development in the corridor. In addition, proposed project improvements are aimed at vehicular access to land development in a manner that preserves the safety and efficiency of the transportation system.


The proposed improvements are expected to:

  • Improve safety through reduced crashes
  • Improve traffic operations by better planning how vehicles move through the corridor
  • Reduce congestion by improving travel time
  • Provide multi-modal improvements by supporting safer alternatives for different modes of travel
  • Improve accessibility by promoting safer travel to land development

Proposed improvements

  • Left and dual left-turns
  • Right-turn (deceleration) lanes
  • Raised and channelized medians
  • Traffic signal modifications
  • Signal timing and phasing improvements
  • Sidewalk connections
  • ADA-compliant curb ramps
  • Improved pedestrian signals
  • Improved shoulders
  • Bicycle accommodations


  • Conroe Independent School District (CISD) (July 2016)
  • April Sound Property Owners Association (September 2016)
  • Local bicycle group (October 2016)
  • EMS group (November 2016)

Contract steering committee

The Contract Steering Committee is composed of subject matter experts from the City of Conroe, Montgomery County and TxDOT. Its purpose is to guide the technical direction of the study.

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