Mykawa Road from FM 518 to Beltway 8
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Mykawa Road from FM 518 to Beltway 8

TxDOT Houston District and the City of Pearland are proposing to widen Mykawa Road from two to four lanes from FM 518 to Beltway 8 in Harris and Brazoria Counties, Texas. The project purpose is to decrease congestion, increase mobility, and improve safety on Mykawa Road. This project is in partnership with The City of Pearland, TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration.

Current conditions

Mykawa Road is a two-lane undivided roadway with open roadside ditches between the BW 8 feeder road and Orange Street. Between Orange Street and FM 518, Mykawa Road is a four-lane undivided roadway. No sidewalks are located within the Mykawa Road project area.

Project background

  • Increased and projected growth in the area has caused traffic demand to exceed the capacity of the existing roadway
  • The two-lane undivided roadway does not provide adequate mobility to accommodate the population growth or alleviate growing congestion
  • The current roadway lacks sufficient and safe turning area for motorists

Proposed improvements

  • Widen the existing Mykawa Road from a two-lane undivided roadway to a four-lane divided roadway with a 10-foot shared use path along the west side of the roadway
  • Add storm water drainage and detention, landscaping and street lighting
  • Modify traffic signals, as needed, as well as various public utilities and possible private utility relocation

The proposed project will include up to 25 acres of right of way (ROW) acquisition, up to four residential displacements and up to two business displacements.

Next steps

  • Consider public meeting comments
  • Conduct environmental assessment
  • Offer of Public Hearing/Notice Affording Opportunity for Public Hearing
  • Approval of Environmental Assessment
  • Begin right of way acquisition
  • Anticipated construction activities to begin in 2021 upon approval

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