I-10 Katy Improvement Study
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I-10 Katy Improvement Study


The TxDOT Houston District is conducting a study along Interstate I-10 from East of State Highway (SH) 6 to West of SH 99 in Harris County to understand existing travel patterns, identify safety and operational improvements, and develop options for potential safety and operational improvements.

Current conditions

I-10 between the study’s limits is currently experiencing congestion during peak travel times. Due to congestion and other operation issues, there are collision hot spots with crash rates above the state and national averages. Due to projected growth, traffic congestion is anticipated to worsen without operational improvements.

Project background

  • I-10 is a major thoroughfare for the region, providing access to multiple areas and roadways including State Highway (SH) 6, SH 99, and Beltway (BW) 8. The interstate is also part of both the State and Federal Highway Freight Networks.
  • I-10 in Houston is one of the most congested road corridors anywhere in the United States. The I-10 is experiencing increasing congestion and declining safety conditions due to the increased and continuing growth of the city.
  • The I-10 Katy Improvement Study has been initiated to study ways to mitigate congestion, study ways to improve access and safety, and make plans for future growth.

Proposed improvements

The first stage of this study is to establish current conditions within the corridor and identify operational and safety issues happening as a result of population and business growth in the area. Phase I ends in the identification of existing problems and shortcomings, and the preparation of a toolbox of potential solutions. 

Phase II will develop from the results of Phase I and will create preliminary improvement concepts for operational improvements along the corridor which will be refined into implementable projects with consultation with project stakeholders and the public. Phase II will end in the identification of feasible solutions.

Next steps

  • Presentation of the existing conditions and gathering of Stakeholder input – Stakeholder Meeting # 1 – February 2024
  • Presentation of the existing conditions and gathering of public input – Public Meeting # 1 – TBD
  • Presentation of conceptual improvements based on public input and data collection – Stakeholder Meeting # 2 - TBD
  • Presentation of conceptual improvements based on public input and data collection – Public Meeting # 2 - TBD

Get involved

  • Public Meeting # 1 - TBD