FM 523 from SH 332 to FM 1495
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FM 523 from SH 332 to FM 1495


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is proposing to reconstruct and widen FM 523 from SH 332 to FM 1495 in Brazoria County, Texas. The proposed project is expected to improve traffic congestion, roadway deficiencies and safety, as well as accommodate the truck traffic accessing the Port of Freeport and industrial facilities in the surrounding area.

Current conditions

Currently, FM 523 consists of two 11-foot-wide travel lanes with a continuous 14-foot left-turn lane with variable shoulder widths. The existing right-of-way varies between 120 to 200 feet wide, with the widest areas occurring at the end of the project (FM 1495).

Proposed improvements

The proposed improvements include:

  • Widening FM 523 from a two-lane to a four-lane roadway
  • Four 12-foot-wide travel lanes, a continuous 16-foot-wide turn lane and 10-foot-wide shoulders
  • Addition of a 12-foot turn lane to FM 1495

The proposed improvements would require approximately 0.76 acres of additional right of way. No displacements are anticipated.

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