FM 2920 from North Willow Street to I-45
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FM 2920 from North Willow Street to I-45

The Texas Department of Transportation Houston District is proposing to widen the portion of FM 2920 from North Willow Street to I-45, a distance of approximately 11.1 miles, in Harris County, Texas. The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow and safety, and to increase mobility within within the project area. Currently, this portion of FM 2920 from North Willow Street to I-45, is a four-lane undivided roadway. The corridor is experiencing significant residential and commerical development from SH 99 to I-45.

Project background

FM 2920 serves as one of the main East-West arterial connectors between Tomball and I 45. The proposed project’s surrounding area within Harris County anticipates continued increasing residential and commercial development. With the forecasted increase in development, the current four-lane roadway will not be able to accommodate future travel needs.

Proposed improvements

The proposed improvements include the following:

  • Widen the existing FM 2920 from a 4-lane to a six-lane roadway with a raised median between North Willow Street and I-44
  • Install curbs and gutters from SH 99 to I-45, and maintain open ditches from North Willow Street to SH 99
  • Provide designated turn lanes at intersections and median openings at specified locations to improve access and mobility
  • Re-align curves along the corridor to improve safety

The estimated construction cost is approximately $116 million. The study is a partnership among Harris County and TXDOT.

Next steps

  • Conduct environmental analysis
  • Develop alternatives
  • Complete Environmental Assessment document
  • Begin right-of-way acquisition
  • Finalize design and begin construction

Get involved

Your input is a key part of project development. Public involvement opportunities will be provided throughout this process.


Reference the following project numbers: 2941-02-061