SH 20 Alameda Avenue
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SH 20 Alameda Avenue

SH 20 (Alameda Avenue) corridor study

TxDOT El Paso District is conducting a corridor study of SH 20 (Texas/Alameda/Main) from SH 20 (Mesa Street) in El Paso to Shaffer Road in the town of Tornillo. The purpose of the study is to analyze and evaluate the current and future transportation needs for the SH 20 (Texas/Alameda/Main) corridor, gather feedback from stakeholders and the public, and develop a SH 20 (Alameda Avenue) Corridor Plan.

Study limits

The study area includes 35 miles of the SH 20 (Texas/Alameda/Main) corridor. SH 20 is Texas Avenue in downtown El Paso from SH 20 (Mesa Street) east for approximately two miles. SH 20 continues southeast as Alameda Avenue to Shaffer Road in Tornillo, and is referred to as Main Street in Fabens. The corridor goes through urbanized and rural areas within El Paso County and serves as one of the major east/west connections for various communities along its route.

Primary objective

The primary objectives of the study are to:

  • Study the current and future corridor challenges and needs
  • Identify the communities' future vision for SH 20 (Texas/Alameda/Main)
  • Develop a SH 20 (Alameda Avenue) Corridor Plan

The study began in 2018 and included a robust process of data collection, analysis of current and future transportation needs, and public outreach. Topics such as vehicle/pedestrian/bicycle safety, roadway capacity, traffic operations, drainage, placemaking and aesthetics, and multimodal access were evaluated. After the consideration of input provided from 2018, 2019, and 2022 public meetings, stakeholder meetings, and elected official briefings, concepts were developed, and the conceptual design recommendations and improvements have been shared with the public. The continuation of this study will conclude by the summer of 2023 with a recommended SH 20 (Alameda Avenue) Corridor Plan.

Get involved

Public engagement is a key element to the success of this study. Coordination with the public, stakeholders, elected/public officials, cities, counties, and other agencies was conducted throughout the study.

Public Meeting Series #1 was held in June 2018 and focused on identifying the needs, challenges and vision for the SH 20 (Texas/Alameda/Main) corridor through 2040.

Public Meeting Series #2 was held in January 2019 and focused on the development, evaluation and screening of design concepts.

Public Meeting Series #3 was held in June 2022 and focused on the results of the study with the development of conceptual design recommendations and a set of short-, medium-, and long-term improvements.

Drainage visualization

Learn more about the drainage patterns along the SH 20 (Texas/Alameda/Main) corridor. The drainage visualization demonstrates how water currently flows during rain events along the corridor.

Study process and schedule041023-factsheet.pdf

The development of this plan will be accomplished through a robust process including data collection, public outreach, analysis of current and future transportation needs, and identification of potential projects. The study will conclude with a recommended corridor plan by the summer of 2023.