State Highway 178 (Artcraft Road) Project
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State Highway 178 (Artcraft Road) Project


The purpose of the SH 178 (Artcraft Road) Project is to improve safety and reliability of travel time. SH 178 (Artcraft Road) is a vital link in the regional transportation network that supports important trade and commercial activities within the international and tri-state area of Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua. SH 178 (Artcraft Road) serves the Santa Teresa Port of Entry and is a major artery that feeds trade routes destined for other parts of the United States and Mexico. Additionally, the land area adjacent to SH 178 (Artcraft Road) has been subject to rapid residential and commercial development in recent years. The area’s growth has created the need to address safety hazards and increasing traffic congestion along SH 178 (Artcraft Road).  

Project limits

The Project corridor extends approximately three miles on SH 178 (Artcraft Road) from the New Mexico state line to Interstate Highway 10 (I-10). Improvements at the SH 178 (Artcraft Road)/I-10 interchange would affect I-10 between Trade Center Boulevard and Helen of Troy Drive.

Project location map

Proposed improvements

Proposed operational improvements include four direct connectors (DCs) at the interchange of I-10 and SH 178 (Artcraft Road). The DCs will allow drivers to bypass the frontage road, traffic light signals, and traffic congestion on North Desert Boulevard and South Desert Boulevard. Also proposed are U-turn bridges at the SH 178 (Artcraft Road)/I-10 interchange.

On SH 178 (Artcraft Road) between I-10 and SH 20 (Doniphan Drive), proposed improvements include access control measures, reconstruction, and extending existing frontage roads in both directions.

Proposed improvements also include grade separations at the intersections of SH 178 (Artcraft Road)/Upper Valley Road and SH 178 (Artcraft Road)/Westside Drive. Entrance and exit ramps to SH 178 (Artcraft Road) are proposed to accommodate those grade separations. 

Project benefits

Provides Transportation Efficiencies

  • Streamlines traffic flow at the I-10/SH 178 (Artcraft Road) interchange.
  • Decreases delays at intersections with North Desert Boulevard, South Desert Boulevard, Upper Valley Road, and Westside Drive by allowing traffic on SH 178 (Artcraft Road) to pass over traffic signals.
  •  Enhances east-west connectivity to NM 136 and the Santa Teresa Border Crossing by providing a modernized roadway.
  • Facilitates movement of oversized loads through the I-10/SH 178 (Artcraft Road) interchange, including trucks traveling to/from the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Intermodal Facility and the Santa Teresa Port of Entry.

Reduces Barriers to Employment Centers

  • Provides improved access to activity centers, such as West Towne Marketplace, FoxConn, UPRR Intermodal Facility, and Artcraft Business Park.

Addresses Safety

  • Reduces vehicular conflict points and speeding due to new access controls at key intersections within the corridor.
  • Reduces vehicular conflict points at intersections due to new grade separations.

Right of way

Right-of-way acquisition is anticipated. TxDOT is in contact with affected property owners.

Public involvement

  • Meetings with agencies and elected officials – mid 2020
  • Notice and opportunity to comment – late 2022
  • Virtual public meeting with in-person option - Tuesday, April 4, 2023
  • Anticipated environmental decision – early to mid 2023


Additional information

For general project inquiries:

Attention: Blasita J. Lopez
Senior Public Involvement Representative (se habla español)