Regional Mobility Strategy
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Regional Mobility Strategy

About the Regional Mobility Strategy

Recognizing the opportunity and responsibility to improve movement of goods and people within the El Paso Region, the El Paso District of TxDOT is initiating the Regional Mobility Strategy (RMS) to understand the opportunities and implications associated with future major transportation and community investments, and to prioritize those investments. Changing views, needs, and expectations for greater neighborhood and regional connectivity and livability are motivating communities to re-examine traditional and innovative transportation solutions.

Purpose of the strategy

TxDOT funded and stakeholder driven, RMS will focus on improving project design with multimodal solutions that contribute to both transportation mobility and economic vitality for the residents of the El Paso Region. RMS will identify opportunities that provide a path forward for decision making, design and funding prioritization for projects that will promote economic development in the region. It will evaluate infrastructure, policy, and technology opportunities at the regional level.

Expected outcomes

RMS will evaluate infrastructure, policy, and technology opportunities at the regional level that would:

  • Decrease travel times
  • Increase connectivity
  • Improve level of service
  • Increase network reliability and redundancy
  • Provide additional modal opportunities
  • Preserve community character, cohesion and quality of life
  • Identify projects for funding and implementation
  • Promote economic development opportunities