Horizon Boulevard - FM 1281
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Horizon Boulevard - FM 1281

Horizon Boulevard (FM 1281) Corridor Master Plan

The TxDOT El Paso District developed a Corridor Master Plan for a 9.4-mile section of Horizon Boulevard (FM 1281) from Alameda Avenue (SH 20) to Ascension Street. Horizon Boulevard connects the communities of Socorro, Sparks, and Horizon City, as well as parks, schools, neighborhoods, and various businesses. Horizon Boulevard is expected to experience increased growth in the future, as many new developments along the corridor are currently in the planning or construction phases.

Primary objective

TxDOT gathered public input as part of the process of developing a Corridor Master Plan development process to respond to current and future transportation needs along Horizon Boulevard. The proposed Corridor Master Plan:

  • Documented and evaluated the community's future vision regarding transportation
  • Defined existing and future transportation challenges and opportunities
  • Considered drainage implications of potential improvements
  • Developed a set of recommendations to enhance safety and mobility

A key outcome of this process is the recommendation of projects for short-, mid-, and long-term implementation.

Get involved

Public involvement was a key element to the success of this Corridor Master Plan. The plan developed included three public meeting opportunities to coordinate with the public, stakeholders, elected/public officials, cities, counties, and agencies. The coordination points included:

  • Collection of existing data/information including the vision and needs for this corridor
  • Development, evaluation, and screening of initial concepts
  • Refinement of preferred alternative
  • Presentation of results and final recommendations

The first Public Meeting Series was held on Feb. 20, 2018 and Feb. 21, 2018 introduced the study and allowed the public to submit comments that would be used in the development of alternatives for the plan.

The second Public Meeting Series, were held on Jan. 30, 2019 and Jan. 31, 2019, focused on the alternative development and evaluation phase. 

The third Public Meeting Series, which was previously scheduled as an in-person Public Meeting and business Open House on March 25-26, 2020 were held as an online Virtual Meeting, due to current events. This Virtual Public Meeting presented the Corridor Master Plan results and recommendations.