Goliad County US 59 San Antonio River Bridge Replacement Project
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Goliad County US 59 San Antonio River Bridge Replacement Project

TxDOT's Corpus Christi District is proposing to replace the U.S. Highway 59 bridge over the San Antonio River in Goliad County. The project is approximately three miles southwest of U.S. Highway 183.

Current conditions

Within the project area, US 59 is a two-lane divided highway with one 12-ft travel lane in each direction with 10 foot shoulders. At the US 59 bridge over the San Antonio River the shoulders narrow to three feet. The existing bridge is approximately 975 feet and consists of a three-span continuous steel beam connected to concrete girder spans and a concrete pier system.

Currently, the US 59 bridge has narrow shoulders which makes it difficult for large vehicles or wide loads to cross safely and has become costly to maintain due to issues such as flood events and aging bridge components.

Project information

The proposed bridge improvements would:

  • Increase the bridge length to approximately 1,030 feet 
  • Consist of a 270-foot steel beam unit that would span the San Antonio River
  • Include two 12-ft travel lanes with wide shoulders
  • Widen by approximately 50 feet due to phased construction

The proposed project would not include additional travel lanes, no new right of way would be required and the existing bridge would remain open during construction. The new bridge would be constructed in phases so that one lane in each direction would remain open. The project is anticipated to take approximately two years to construct. The project was categorized as a Categorical Exclusion (CE) and environmental clearance was obtained on April 15, 2022.

To ensure safety during construction, TxDOT would temporarily close the Goliad Paddling Trail (which includes the trail and kayak launch located beneath the bridge). The Goliad Paddling Trail would be reopened upon project completion.