US 90 Crossover Removal Project
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US 90 Crossover Removal Project

In November 2022, the TxDOT's Beaumont District proposed to remove 26 of the 42 median crossovers spanning 11.7 miles on US 90, from Keith Road west to SH 326 in Jefferson County. In addition, the project included removing crossover pavement markings and signage but keeping existing ditches and medians in the same alignment.

Project updates

In February 2023, the TxDOT Beaumont District elected to move this project to 2025, based on input received at the November 2022 public meeting. Although subject to change, the district will reevaluate the number of crossover removals, as well as add improved shoulders and increase length at turn lanes. The district plans to provide additional public involvement in the future. 

TxDOT is also working with public officials to develop a potential solution to the Keith Road crossing at US 90.


The crossover locations were selected based on crash data, spacing of existing crossovers and input from stakeholders. This project was also selected as a Highway Safety Improvement Project. In removing these crossovers, it will serve to reduce crashes as well as better align with current design standards and shape this corridor for future enhancements. This project took into account maintaining emergency response times while also improving the safety along this corridor by limiting openings in the median to minimize conflict points. Three fatal crashes, 15 crashes resulting in injury, and 27 non-injured crashes were reported from 2018 to 2022. 

Proposed crossover spacing is .75-mile spacing on average - remaining well within current guidance as outlined by the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), which states that crossings should be spaced at a maximum of two miles.   

Estimated timeline and cost

  • Environmental clearance obtained
  • Construction start: Fall 2025
  • Construction completion: TBD (future project will dictate timeline)
  • Construction cost: TBD (future project will dictate costs)

The timeline and estimate are subject to change.

Stakeholder involvement

TxDOT collaborated with local stakeholders - such as local emergency management - in August 2022 to identify the proposed crossovers to be removed.

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