SH 63 Historic Bridge at Texas and Louisiana Border
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SH 63 Historic Bridge at Texas and Louisiana Border

The TxDOT Beaumont District is proposing improvements to the SH 63/LA 8 bridge at the Sabine River; this bridge crosses the Texas and Louisiana state line near the cities of Burkeville, Texas and Leesville, Louisiana.


The purpose of the proposed project is to provide a structurally sound bridge‐crossing that allows access for Texas and Louisiana motorists across the Sabine River, with a focus on providing a bridge with adequate width and height to safely accommodate existing and foreseeable future transportation needs.

Project needs and issues

  • Sabine River shifting
  • Problems with the bridge’s foundations
  • Vehicles hitting overhead portions of the bridge
  • Bridge is too narrow
  • Deterioration of the bridge
  • Outdated railing for modern vehicles

What’s happening now

Summer 2023 update

TxDOT’s consulting team is preparing to conduct a Mussel Survey and Alligator Snapping Turtle Survey. Additionally, the project team is further assessing wetlands at the project site to determine the appropriate amount of wetland mitigation.

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