FM 1488 Access Management Study from I-45 to FM 149
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FM 1488 Access Management Study from I-45 to FM 149

TxDOT is conducting an access management study for FM 1488 from I-45 to FM 149 in Montgomery County. FM 1488 is a primary east-west corridor in south Montgomery County that has experienced significant growth. The goal of access management is to reduce crashes and improve mobility by limiting conflict points and better planning how vehicles move through a corridor.

Current roadway conditions

FM 1488 is a four-lane roadway with a continuous two-way left-turn lane in the middle of opposing lanes of traffic. This 14-mile study segment carries approximately 52,000 vehicles per day near I-45 to 15,000 vehicles per day near FM 149. With rapidly growing residential and retail development along FM 1488 and the surrounding areas, the corridor is experiencing traffic delay and safety concerns.

Study purpose

The purpose of this study is to identify short-, medium-, and long-term improvements to reduce crashes, improve mobility, enhance multimodal connectivity, and support existing and future development in the corridor.


The proposed improvements would:

  • Improve safety through reduced crashes
  • Improve traffic operations by better planning how vehicles move through the corridor
  • Reduce congestion by improving travel time
  • Improve accessibility by enhancing multimodal connectivity

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FM 1488 Access Management Map layouts with Proposed Improvements: