FM 89 (Buffalo Gap Road) Project
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FM 89 (Buffalo Gap Road) Project

Project overview

In 2015, TxDOT, the Abilene MPO and the city of Abilene identified FM 89 (Buffalo Gap Road) as a top priority transportation project candidate. FM 89 is the main arterial highway between the communities of Abilene and Wylie and has a variable mix of residential and commercial properties along the roadway. As these communities have expanded over the past several years, traffic from US 83/84 to Chimney Rock Road has increased significantly, creating congestion, increased crash rates and several other safety concerns for the traveling public, as well as pedestrians.

In an effort to enhance the safety for all users of FM 89, a transportation study was conducted to help identify improvements that could be made to the roadway. This study analyzed issues such as:

  • Impacts to safety through access management with the use of raised medians
  • Drainage issues and possible solutions
  • Ways to provide improved pedestrian access
  • Right of way needs for future roadway expansion
  • Environmental impacts

Public involvement

Beginning in 2016 through November 2017, two public meetings and one public hearing were held to gather feedback and suggestions about the proposed improvements from members of the community. After careful consideration of the comments received, the proposed design was finalized and can be viewed in from the links below. Construction began in January 2022, and is anticipated to be complete in June 2024.