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Why plan

Our growing state will face many challenges over the next 30 years. But none of them will impact Texas as much as our population, which is increasing by more than 1,000 people a day, impacting the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. To maintain the state’s vibrant economy and ensure an excellent quality of life for all Texans, it is important to look ahead and proactively plan for our future.

The Texas Transportation Plan 2050 analyzes the existing conditions for each mode, forecasts future conditions and needs, determines optimal investment strategies for advancing long-term goals amid constrained resources and provides recommendations for investments based on how Texans want the overall system to perform.

This means that public input is more critical than ever to finding transportation solutions for Texas. Working with the public and stakeholders, TxDOT defined investment opportunities based on performance measures that signal that the transportation system is working for the travelling public and the “economy in motion.”

So why plan?

  • To determine the needs of the multimodal system.
  • To examine technological innovations that may improve the safety and mobility of the system.
  • To determine the best way to bring the vision of the citizens to fruition.
  • To plan major capital investments that take many years of planning.

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