Virtual Public Meeting - Inspiration Road/Military Parkway Loop
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Virtual Public Meeting - Inspiration Road/Military Parkway Loop


The virtual public hearing presentation will be posted here at the date and time below.


Wednesday, May 27, 2020
3 p.m.


The City of Mission, in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), is proposing to widen and reconstruct Inspiration Rd./Military Parkway Loop from Interstate 2 (I-2) to FM 1016 in Hidalgo County, Texas.  TxDOT is the lead agency that will approve the environmental review of this project.

This notice advises the public that the City will be conducting an on-line pre-recorded virtual public meeting on the proposed project.  To log onto the virtual public meeting, go to one of the following web address at the date and time indicated above: or Project staff will give a presentation regarding the project. The presentation will include both audio and visual components. If you do not have internet access, you may call the City of Mission at (956) 585-8650 to ask questions about the project and access project materials at any time during the project development process. Formal comments may be provided by mail, email, or fax as explained below.

Written comments from the public regarding the proposed project are requested and comment forms can be downloaded from or Written comments may be submitted by mail to the City of Mission, ATTN: J.P. Terrazas, P.E., 1201 E. 8th St., Mission, TX 78572, by email to, or by fax at (956) 580-8768. All comments must be received on or before June 11, 2020. Responses to comments received will be available online at or once they have been prepared.


The proposed project is divided into two sections, Inspiration Road and Military parkway, for discussion purposes. Inspiration Road, from I-2 to Military Parkway, is an existing varying 24 to 90-foot-wide roadway within an existing varying 60 to 140-foot wide Right-of-Way (ROW). The project would include widening Inspiration Road to a varying 64 to 84-foot-wide urban roadway consisting of four 11 to 14-foot-wide travel lanes, two 10-foot-wide shoulders, a 12 to 16-foot-wide continuous left turn lane, and 5 to 6-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the roadway within a variable 80 to 140-foot-wide ROW; a length of 2.5 miles. Military Parkway, from Inspiration Road to FM 1016, is an existing 24-foot-wide roadway within an existing varying 80 to 150-foot-wide ROW. Military Parkway would be widened to an 84-foot-wide urban roadway consisting of four 12-foot-wide travel lanes, one 16-foot-wide continuous left turn lane, two 10-foot-wide shoulders, and 6-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the roadway within a proposed 120 to 200-foot-wide ROW; a length of 2.0 miles. Drainage would be provided by a proposed underground storm drain system. The proposed project would include a new outfall on new location from 746-feet north of Military Parkway to the Mission Inlet; a length of approximately 0.8 miles. The outfall would be 94-feet-wide within a proposed 200-foot-wide ROW. Three intersections would be realigned to improve safety: Inspiration Road and Military Parkway, County Road 2791 and Military Parkway, and Old Military Highway and Military Parkway. The Los Ebanos Road intersection would be improved to provide an approximate 500-foot transition within a proposed 206-foot-wide ROW.

The proposed project would, subject to final design considerations, require additional right-of-way and potentially displace one non-residential structure. No residential displacements are anticipated. Relocation assistance is available for displaced persons and businesses. Information about the Relocation Assistance Program and services and benefits for displaces and other affected property owners, as well as information about the tentative schedule for right-of-way acquisition and construction, can be obtained from the City of Mission by calling Mr. J.P. Terrazas, P.E. at (956) 580-8662.

The proposed project is anticipated to impact the following properties protected under Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act of 1966: Bentsen Palm Community Park, City of Mission Hike and Bike Trail, and the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) levee.

The proposed project would require 0.6 acres (or 40-ft) of ROW from Bentsen Palm Community Park located at 1801 S. Inspiration Rd. in Mission, TX. Impacts to the park may include the relocation of 14 palm trees and the realignment of 0.1 acre of walking trail. The project would require 0.5 miles of realignment of the existing City of Mission Hike and Bike Trail. The trail extends from the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park to FM 1016, near Trinity St.; a length of approximately 5 miles. The project would include moving the existing pedestrian bridge 0.2 miles to the northeast, include 2 pedestrian tunnels, and 0.3 miles of trail would be moved from the east side of the canal to the west side of the canal. Approximately 0.7 miles of the project is located on the IBWC levee along Military Parkway. The project would widen Military Parkway to the north; no changes in elevation of the levee are anticipated. TxDOT anticipates making a de minimis determination for these uses under Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act of 1966. Public comment on the effects of the proposed project on the activities, features, or attributes of the Bentsen Palm Community Park, City of Mission Hike and Bike Trail, and/or the IBWC levee may be submitted as described below.

The proposed project would involve construction in wetlands. A wetland delineation would be completed to determine the extent of potential impacts. The proposed project would involve an action in a floodplain.

Any environmental documentation or studies, maps and drawings showing the project location and design, tentative construction schedules, and other information regarding the proposed project are available online at the City of Mission website at or the TxDOT website at

Special Accommodations:

The City of Mission and TxDOT makes every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of the public. The virtual public meeting will be provided in English and Spanish. If you have a special communication accommodation or need for an interpreter, a request can be made. If you have a disability and need assistance, special arrangements can also be made to accommodate most needs. Please call (956) 580-8650 no later than May 25, 2020. Please be aware that advance notice is requested as some accommodations may require time for the City to arrange.

Memorandum of Understanding:

The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried-out by TxDOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 9, 2019, and executed by FHWA and TxDOT.


TxDOT Pharr District
600 W. I-2
Pharr, TX 78577

(956) 702-6100


Posted May 6, 2020