Online Comment Opportunity - Corpus Christi District 2021-2024 Rural Transportation Improvement Program Revision
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Online Comment Opportunity - Corpus Christi District 2021-2024 Rural Transportation Improvement Program Revision


TxDOT's Corpus Christi District is conducting outreach to provide the public with an online comment opportunity for the proposed revision to the 2021-2024 Rural Transportation Improvement Program (Rural TIP). An in-person or virtual public meeting is not scheduled; however, the public is encouraged to view project information and submit comments about the revision by Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021.


The purpose of the online comment opportunity is to receive comments on the revision to the 2021-2024 Rural TIP for the Corpus Christi TxDOT District. The following projects will be added to the Corpus Christi District’s 2021‐2024 Rural TIP (as identified by the project number): 

  • 074‐05 098: I-37, San Patricio County - widen freeway by constructing additional two travel lanes northbound and one additional travel lane southbound  
  • 0327‐09‐002: US 77, Kleberg County - construct a four‐lane divided freeway Relief Route on new location around Riviera 

The following projects will be grouped in the Statewide 2021‐2024 TIP:  

  • 0916‐02‐023: Construct Sidewalks in Ricardo, Kleberg County 
  • 0916‐02‐024: Construct Sidewalks in Riviera, Kleberg County
  • 0916‐28‐081: Construct Sidewalks in Taft, San Patricio County 
  • 0916‐29‐015: Construct Sidewalks in Three Rivers, Live Oak County

The following project let and will be removed from the Corpus Christi 
Districts' 2021‐2024 Rural TIP: 

  • 0916‐38‐013: Sidewalks in Rockport, Aransas County

The 2021-2024 Rural TIP meeting(s) was held in the Spring 2020 pursuant to Title 43, Texas Administrative Code, Section 16.102, which calls for an opportunity for public comment concerning the program. As a continuation of the public involvement effort, the online comment opportunity will offer the public a chance to comment on the revision to the previously presented Rural TIP. 

Special Accommodation:

TxDOT makes every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of the public. The information will be posted in English. If you have special communication or accommodation needs, or have a need for an interpreter, a request can be made. If you have a disability and need assistance, special arrangements can also be made to accommodate most needs. Please call 361‐808‐2237 at least one week prior to the comment deadline. Please be aware that advance notice is requested as some accommodations may require time for TxDOT to arrange.


TxDOT Corpus Christi District
1701 S. Padre Island Drive
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Posted Jan. 24, 2021