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Employees are entitled to paid annual and paid sick leave, subject to accrual eligibility and usage requirements. Employees are entitled to a paid day off from work on national, state and optional holidays observed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Annual Leave – is accrued based on an employee’s years of creditable state employment and can be used after six months of continuous state service and with the approval of their supervisor.

Sick Leave – is accrued at the rate of eight hours per month for full-time employees. Part-time employees can earn sick leave proportional to the hours worked. Sick leave must be accrued before it may be used. Employees may use sick leave when an illness, injury or pregnancy prevents them from performing their duties.

Extended Sick Leave (ESL) – provides additional paid sick leave for an employee’s illness or injury after exhausting all accrued paid leave once the employee has two continuous years with TxDOT or has sustained an on-the-job injury.

Sick Leave Pool (SLP) – provides additional paid sick leave to help employees and their families should a catastrophic illness or injury force them to exhaust all of their accrued paid leave and available ESL providing the SLP criteria has been met. SLP allows an employee to contribute all or part of their accrued sick leave to the SLP for later use or for others who need it.

Sick Leave Donation – employees may contribute any amount of their accrued sick leave to a specific employee who is employed in the same state agency as the donor employee and the employee receiving the donated hours has a medical need and exhausted their own accrued sick leave, including any time the receiving employee may be eligible to withdraw from the ESL or SLP programs.

Leave of Absence – allows eligible employees under certain conditions to leave their jobs for a period of time without pay and then return to work for the department.

Family and Medical Leave (FML) – allows employees to take time off from work for the birth or adoption of their children, for placement of foster children in their homes, for the care of immediate family members who are ill or injured, or for personal injury or illness for 480 unpaid hours per fiscal year once the FML criteria has been met.

Parental Leave – provides unpaid leave for employees who do not qualify for FML and will miss work for birth of a natural child or adoption or foster care placement.

Military Leave – employees are entitled to paid time off from work for authorized military training or deployment with the Texas National Guard, Texas State Guard, reserve branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, or an Urban Search and Rescue Team. Extended military leave provides eligible employees time off from work without pay to enter a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Veterans Leave – provides paid leave (not to exceed 15 days each fiscal year) to veterans to obtain medical or mental health care administered by the Veterans Health Administration of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Paid Leave for Outstanding Performance or Recruitment Referrals – the executive director may grant administrative leave to an employee as a reward for outstanding performance as documented by the employee performance appraisals or to an employee who recruits or refers an external job applicant who is hired for a posted regular full-time position.

Emergency Leave – allows employees to take paid time off for certain emergency situations.

Leave During Agency Investigation – provides paid time off for employees for certain situations involving an investigation being conducted by the agency.

Miscellaneous Leave – TxDOT offers employees certain amounts of miscellaneous leave without deduction in salary. This section covers various leave availability and eligibility requirements. Miscellaneous leave includes:

  • Amateur radio operator
  • Assistance dog training
  • Blood, bone marrow or organ donation
  • Certified American Red Cross training
  • Compliance with a subpoena
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer
  • Foster parent leave
  • Jury service
  • Educational activities for employees’ children
  • Time off to vote
  • Volunteer firefighter and EMS training



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