The TxDOT Yoakum district is proposing to reconstruct and widen the existing I-10 roadway from FM 2434 in Colorado County to US 77  in Fayette County, Texas. 

The existing roadway consists of a four-lane facility with two-lane, two-way frontage roads for a majority of the limits. The median is a flush grassy median with a cable barrier system. 

Proposed Improvements

  • Widen from 4 to 6 main lanes
  • Proposed lanes would consist of three 12-foot main lanes in each direction with 12-foot outside and inside shoulders
  • Convert the current 2-lane, 2-way frontage roads to 2-lane, 1-way frontage roads
  • Replace existing grassy median and cable divider with single slope concrete barrier median divider

Next Steps

  • Complete the schematic for the project
  • Perform environmental studies and draft technical reports
  • Develop Draft Environmental Assessment



Reference the following project number: 0535-07-051 & 0535-08-091

TxDOT Yoakum District 
403 Huck St.
Yoakum, TX 77995

(361) 293-4300