Hempstead Road Reconstruction
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Located within the city of Houston in Harris County, this project is a vital link on the Hempstead roadway and will provide traffic an alternate route to US 290. The proposed project consists of the construction of a six-lane divided urban street facility.

Project Limits

Limits are Hempstead Road 0.059 mile west of West 12th Street to east of the Washington-Katy split.

Proposed Improvements

  • Grading, excavation, embankment
  • Lime-treated subgrade
  • Cement stabilized base (at the underpass)
  • Concrete pavement
  • Sidewalks and curb ramps
  • Storm sewer and culverts
  • Drilled shaft retaining walls
  • Signing
  • Pavement markings
  • Traffic control
  • Signalization at the intersections of 12th and 11th streets
  • Three replacement underpass structures at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) intersection
  • Rail lines connecting to the tracks at the underpass structures
  • Pump station
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans

This project consists of a significant amount of construction on UPRR facilities, including the replacement of three existing railroad overpasses and related track realignment.

The tables below list the specifications and provisions required by the Union Pacific Railroad in order for construction work to be performed by the TxDOT contractor inside the UPRR right of way. These documents are also referenced in the main TxDOT railroad specification contained within the project's plans, specifications and estimate (PS&E) documents.

Track PDF
Engineering Track Maintenance Field Handbook
Continuous Welded Rail Specifications
Form 7913 - Instructions for Inspecting, Welding and Grinding of Rail and Track Components
Rail Train Operating Instructions
Ultrasonic Test of Rail Welds
Railroad Track Construction Specifications
Soil Import Specifications
Safety PDF
Contractor-in-Charge Requirements
Fire Prevention Plan
Form 24309 - Engineering Fire Risk Assessment
Policy for Contractor Material Delivery on Union Pacific Property
Special Condition Safety Management Plan
UPRR Smoking Policy
Guidance on Electronic Devices
Excerpts from Rule 7411, including Rule 74.6 Back-up Moves
Miscellaneous PDF
Guidelines for Temporary Shoring
General Conditions and Specifications
Special Conditions

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