SH 99 from FM 1093 to I-10
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TxDOT's Houston District proposes to widen SH 99 from four to six lanes between FM 1093 and I-10 in Fort Bend and Harris Counties. This project is proposed in order to improve mobility and accommodate the growing traffic demand within the project area.

Project Background

  • The proposed project limits runs along SH 99 from FM 1093 to I-10, in Fort Bend and Harris Counties, a distance of approximately 5.9 miles.  
  • The proposed project is needed due to current and projected growth in the area, causing traffic demand to increase. In addition, the existing facility does not have adequate capacity to accommodate current mobility needs.
  • Comments received from the previous public meeting in October 2017 indicated that traffic noise was a major concern for affected property owners. Since that time, a detailed noise analysis has been conducted and resulted in the recommendation of 12 noise barriers that met the guidelines on the project.

Current Conditions

  • The existing facility within the project limits generally consists of a divided four-lane roadway with a grassy median, two 12-foot-wide mainlanes, 10-foot-wide outer shoulders, and six-foot-wide inner shoulders in both the northbound and southbound directions. The mainlanes of SH 99 are a controlled access facility, with at-grade access for the frontage roads.
  • The existing SH 99 ROW varies from approximately 300 to 400 feet in width. 

Proposed Improvements

  • The proposed improvements from north of FM 1093 to north of Highland Knolls Boulevard would expand the roadway from four to six lanes, three in each direction, widen the shoulders from six to twelve feet, and bring the current grassy median to 28-feet wide.  
  • The proposed improvements from north of Highland Knolls Boulevard to south of I-10 would expand the roadway from four to six lanes, three in each direction, widen the shoulders from six to twelve feet wide, and add a concrete median barrier.
  • North of Westheimer Parkway to Highland Knolls Boulevard, the grassy median would remain and no concrete barrier would be required. The existing frontage road configuration would remain the same.
  • In addition, the proposed project would include ramp modifications in several locations and adding right-turn lanes at major intersections.
  • Noise barriers have also been recommended as a result of a noise analysis for the proposed improvements. 
Additional Information
  • The proposed improvements will include 0.96 acre of additional ROW.
  • No displacements are anticipated at this time.
  • The estimated construction cost is $85 million.

Next Steps


Reference the following project number: [CSJ 3510-04-019]
TxDOT Houston District
(713) 802-5269


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