North Tarrant Express Exhibits
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Title Format
Public Hearing Presentation
Public Hearing Transcript
Public Hearing Summary and Analysis
Facility Agreement
Exhibit 1: Abbreviations and Definitions
Exhibit 2: Developer's Schematic Plan of Facility, Key Personnel and Commitments and Independent Model Auditor
     A. Mandatory Scope Schematics
     B. Identified Key Personnel
     C. Independent Model Auditor
Exhibit 3: Form of Lease Amendment to Lease
Exhibit 4: Toll Regulation
Exhibit 5: Facility Plan of Finance
Exhibit 6: List of Initial Funding Agreements and Initial Security Documents (To be completed at financial close)
Exhibit 7: Compensation Terms
Exhibit 8: Federal Requirements
Exhibit 9: Milestone Schedule
Exhibit 10: Preliminary Baseline Schedule
Exhibit 11: Hazardous Materials Risk Allocation Terms
Exhibit 12: Handback Requirements Reserve Elements and Reserve Funding Mechanism
Exhibit 13: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Special Provisions
Exhibit 14: Developer’s DBE Performance Plan
Exhibit 15: Developer’s Job Training / Small Business Mentoring Plan
Exhibit 16: Capacity Improvements, Facility Extensions and Technology Enhancements
Exhibit 17: Insurance Coverage Requirements
Exhibit 18: Noncompliance Points System, Persistent Developer Default and Measures of Liquidated Damages
Exhibit 19: Disputes Board Agreement
Exhibit 20: Terms for Termination Compensation
Exhibit 21: Option Consideration for Extension of Long Stop Date
Exhibit 22: Initial Designation of Authorized Representatives
Exhibit 23A: Form of NTTA Tolling Services Agreement
Exhibit 23B: Form of TxDOT Tolling Services Agreement
Exhibit 24: Form of Joinder Agreement
Exhibit 25: Form of Lender’s Direct Agreement
Exhibit 26: Certain Requirements for the TxDOT Works
Exhibit 27: Oncor Utility
Exhibit 28: Form of Intellectual Property Escrow Agreement
Exhibit 29: Elements of the Partial Termination Payment Amount (To be completed at recalibration and updated at financial close)
Exhibit 30: Form of Facility Trust Agreement
Exhibit 31: Payment and Performance Bond Provisions for the Agreement
Book 2
Attachment 1-1 NTE Limits of Maintenance
Attachment 2-1 Facility Management Plan Contents
Attachment 2-2 Work Breakdown Structure Requirements
Attachment 2-3 Organizational Structure for Cost Reporting
Attachment 2-4 Toll Operations Document Retention Schedule
Attachment 2-5 I2MS XML Table
Attachment 6-1 Utility Forms
Attachment 11-1 Approved Design Deviations
Attachment 11-2 Approved Design Exceptions
Attachment 11-3 Segment 3A Driveways
Attachment 13-1 Trinity River Crossing Bent Locations Base Case
Attachment 14-1 Amendments for the TxDOT's Traffic Operations Manual, Railroad Operations Volume, February 2000
Attachment 14-2 Hodge Yard Base Case Scenario
Attachment 14-3 Hodge Yard Scenario 1
Attachment 14-4 Dooling Street Base Case Scenario
Attachment 19-1 Performance and Measurement Table Baseline
Attachment 19-2 Residual Life Requirements
Book 3
Attachment A to Exhibit 26 Segment 3B PS&E Package
     Volume 1
     Volume 2
     Volume 3
     Volume 4
     Volume 5
     Volume 6


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