Loop 375 Border Highway West Extension
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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is dedicated to improving regional mobility and safety as well as providing improved connectivity on Loop 375. The proposed project was originally federally funded and began in September 2007. TxDOT has restarted the planning studies with state funds.

Current Conditions

Regional mobility studies identified the need for an alternate route to provide congestion relief in the region. One of the key solutions that will help regional mobility is the completion of Loop 375.

The proposed Loop 375 Border Highway West Extension Project will provide:

  • Better connectivity around the city
  • Additional infrastructure to accommodate future growth
  • Congestion relief
  • Improved access to the university, downtown, and medical centers
  • Better incident management and a safer roadway

Proposed Improvements

The proposed Loop 375 Border Highway West Extension Project begins at US 54 and extends to Racetrack Drive near Doniphan Road. Proposed improvements include construction of a new four-lane controlled access toll facility that connects Loop 375 to US 85.

All existing non-tolled lanes would remain non-tolled; only newly-constructed lanes would be tolled.

Environmental Impact Statement

Title Format
Abbreviated State Final Environmental Impact Statement
Record of Disclosure - Abbreviated State Final Environmental Impact Statement
Record of Disclosure - Abbreviated State Final Environmental Impact Statement (Spanish)

Designs & Reports

Title Format
100% Draft Schematic
100% Draft Preliminary Engineering Drainage Report
  - Appendix A
  - Appendix B
  - Appendix C
  - Appendix D
  - Appendix E
  - Appendix F
  - Appendix G
  - Appendix H
  - Appendix I
  - Figures 1-6
  - Figures 7-12

Public Hearings and Meetings

TxDOT presented information in the table below at public hearings and meetings.

Public Hearing - 11/15/12 Format
Public Hearing Notice
3-D Animation
Schematic 1
Schematic 2
Notice of Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Public Meeting - 06/20/12  
Public Meeting Notice
Study Area and Meeting Location Map
Final Need and Purpose
Revised Final Project Coordination Plan
Revised Notice of Intent
Coles Street Interchange
Downtown Access
Updated Recommended Reasonable Build Alternatives Tolled Concepts
Western Terminus and Doniphan Extension Border B
Western Terminus and Doniphan Extension Rail Yard B
Public Meeting - 12/08/11  
Comment and Response Report
Public Meeting Notice
Need and Purpose
Project Coordination Plan
Preliminary Build Alternatives Tolled Concepts
Recommended Reasonable Build Tolled Concepts

Contact Us

TxDOT El Paso District
13301 Gateway Blvd. West
El Paso, TX 79928-5410
Phone: (915) 790-4200


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