Accelerated Bridge Construction I-635 over Seagoville Road
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I-635 Seagoville Aerial

Project Overview

What we’re building

The TxDOT Dallas District project features the accelerated bridge construction (ABC) method. In the span of two weekends, the rapid replacement of the 50-year-old bridge on I-635 will be removed and replaced.

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

The ABC method marks a paradigm shift in the project planning and procurement. It uses innovative planning, design, materials and construction methods in a safe and cost-effective manner. The ABC method also reduces the onsite construction time from months or years to just days or weeks.

TxDOT chose the ABC approach due to high traffic volumes on one of the busiest highways in North Texas and the lack of logical detours. An estimated 142,000 to 154,000 drivers traverse the busy roadway each day, and 11 percent of those vehicles are large trucks. The project sits in the area near where I-635, I-20 and US 175 converge, making extensive backups likely for extended closures that would occur with typical bridge reconstruction.

How does it work?

The new bridge will be built in multiple pieces and moved into place. Each bridge will feature 15 pieces. The prefabricated pieces will be formed alongside, or parallel to, the existing bridge. In the span of two weekends, the existing northbound and southbound bridges will be demolished and the new bridge pieces (northbound and southbound lanes) hoisted into place. All lanes in one direction of the highway will be closed simultaneously and detours will be in place so that crews can work safely.

Construction schedule

  • Aug. 21-23, 2020 – demolition of existing, and installation of new, northbound lanes
  • Aug. 28-30, 2020 – demolition of existing, and installation of new, southbound lanes

 Picture of concrete pour


Detour Maps

I-635 Seagoville Picture





I-635 Seagoville Picture


Numbers at a glance
Project cost – $9.21 million
Bridge length – 219 feet total (105 feet long for middle pieces, 57 feet long for pieces on both ends)
Bridge width – 70 feet
Bridge weight (per fabricated piece) – 250,000 pounds, including guard rails
Number of 500-ton cranes used – Two
Total prefabricated pieces per bridge – 15
Total bridge length – 0.164 mile

TxDOT Dallas District
Public Information Office
(214) 320-4480


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