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US 69 Corridor Background

The United States Highway (US) 69 corridor from SH 87 in Port Arthur to US 75 in Denison covers approximately 345 miles. The US 69 corridor functions as an important route through east Texas, connecting major cities such as Beaumont, Lufkin, Tyler, and Denison, as well as rural towns. The development of US 69 would relieve traffic congestion caused by a growing population, provide safer travel through the area, improve emergency evacuation routes, and support economic development.

As part of this statewide corridor effort, the Beaumont District US 69 study area covers different segments stretching across Tyler and Hardin Counties (from US 96 to the Jasper/Angelina County line). The first step in the process involves identifying existing issues and future needs along the US 69 corridor through research and public input. The study area is broken into several potential segments along the US 69 corridor (shown as colored segments on the US 69 overall study corridor map).

US 69 Corridor: Gateway to the Big Thicket Segment

This US 69 Corridor segment is between FM 1003 in Kountze and FM 1943 near Warren and is known as the "US 69 Gateway to the Big Thicket." Actual construction timing will vary and the specific alignment is still being determined. The public is encouraged to visit the Gateway to the Big Thicket segment project page for more specific information about this study section.

Public involvement opportunities will be provided throughout the study process. Initial feedback was received from the public in Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018, as summarized in the US 69 Project Newsletter.

US 69 Corridor Study Schedule

The US corridor study efforts initially began in 2003, but due to lack of funding the study was placed on hold. Other potential segment areas have been initially identified on the US 69 corridor segments map; however, this is subject to change based on public feedback and environmental findings. At a high level, the process includes:

  • Public involvement on Beaumont District US 69 Corridor: Begins Spring 2017 to gain early feedback and is ongoing throughout the project
  • Right-of-way acquisition: To be determined
  • Construction cost estimate: To be determined

Get Involved

The public may check the Beaumont District Twitter page and contact the Beaumont District Office with questions.


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