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TxDOT's Beaumont District will be  reconstructing and expanding I-10 and US 69 where they converge in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas, as part of the 10/69 Interchange Projects.

Anticipated Benefits

The proposed project is anticipated to improve mobility, reduce congestion and also improve emergency evacuation.

Overall Project Improvements

Overall improvements for the interchange projects include:

  • Widening the I-10/US 69 roadway in each direction from four to six lanes between the Cardinal Drive and Eastex Freeway interchanges
  • Widen approaches to the Cardinal Drive and Eastex Freeway interchanges on I-10 and US 69 from two to three lanes
  • Adding new frontage roads for continuity throughout the project limits
  • Relocating I-10 ramps and constructing two-lane direct connectors in each direction where I-10 and US 69 converge
  • Removing the Maury Meyers Bridge (Liberty/Laurel Overpass) to address a height constraint for freight and includes upgrading drainage to meet current design standards

Estimated Construction Costs and Schedules

This project will be constructed and funded as two separate construction projects: the Eastex Interchange is scheduled to go to construction in Summer 2024 and the Cardinal Drive Interchange is scheduled to go to construction in Summer 2022. Please note that schedule times are estimates only and are subject to change.

Eastex Interchange:

Estimated timeline and cost:

  • Environmental clearance obtained: Summer 2020
  • Right-of-way acquisition: Summer 2022
  • Construction start: Summer 2024
  • Construction completion: Anticipate 60-month construction duration
  • Construction cost: $320 million

Project construction will include: 

  • Widening of the freeway from four to six main lanes and reconstructing the interchange from Hollywood Overpass, east to 7th Street
  • Constructing frontage roads
  • Constructing sound walls
  • Constructing retaining walls
  • Constructing 15 bridges 

Cardinal Drive Interchange:

 Estimated timeline and cost:

  • Environmental clearance: Summer 2020
  • Right-of-way acquisition: No right-of-way required
  • Construction start: Summer 2022
  • Construction completion: Anticipate 60-month construction duration
  • Construction cost: $300 million 

 Project construction will include:

  • Widening of the freeway from four to six main lanes and reconstructing the interchange from CR 131 (Walden Road) east to Hollywood Overpass
  • Constructing frontage roads
  • Constructing retaining walls
  • Constructing 19 bridges: 
    • The number of bridges to be constructed has increased from 13 bridges to 19 bridges (from what was previously communicated at the April 20, 2020, public hearing). In addition, 12 out of the 13 planned bridges will need to be lengthened to meet TxDOT design criteria.

Right-of-Way Considerations

The project area includes existing right of way (ROW) of I-10 and US 69. Existing ROW at the Eastex interchange varies from approximately 250 feet to 350 feet. Approximately 11 acres of additional ROW is anticipated as part of the Eastex Interchange project. Existing ROW at the Cardinal Drive interchange varies from approximately 290 feet to 450 feet. No additional ROW will be needed for the construction of the Cardinal Drive Interchange Project. Please review the landowner's rights publications, which contains more information about the TxDOT Relocation Assistance Program concerning services and benefits for displaced persons and businesses if needed.

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Please reference the appropriate section job number when corresponding to the district:

  • Eastex Interchange: Control Section Job number (CSJ) - 0028-13-135
  • Cardinal Drive Interchange: CSJ - 0739-02-140

TxDOT Beaumont District
8350 Eastex Freeway
Beaumont, TX 77708
(409) 898-5732


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