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Statewide News Releases

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Title Date
TxDOT Names Brian Barth as Deputy Executive Director for Program Delivery 07/26/21
Black Pumas Join Don't mess with Texas® Star Line-up to Champion Litter Prevention in Texas 07/08/21
Texas Transportation Commission Approves Most Funding Ever for Transit 06/30/21
TxDOT Names Brandye Hendrickson As New Deputy Executive Director 06/14/21
Texas Transportation Commission Names Marc Williams As New TxDOT Executive Director 05/26/21
Deaths of Texans not Wearing Seat Belts Spike 16% in 2020 05/10/21
Texas Motorcyclist Deaths Spike In 2020 05/04/21
TxDOT Calls for Safer Driving as Work Zone Traffic Deaths Rise During Pandemic 04/26/21
Distracted Driving Continues To Plague Texas Roadways 04/09/21
Steady Rise In Pedestrian Fatalities Rings Alarm Bells 03/15/21
TxDOT Urges Teens to Buckle up to Save Lives 03/03/21
Amid Global Pandemic, Other Challenges, TxDOT Continues to Execute on Projects Statewide 02/08/21
Don’t mess with Texas® Scholarship Contest Opens to High School Seniors 01/04/21
TxDOT Launches Digital Highway Sign Contest 11/24/20
Become an Anti-Litter Star in New Don't mess with Texas® Song Search 11/20/20
Motorists Urged To Take Simple Safety Precaution 11/16/20
TxDOT Urges Drivers to 'End the Streak' of Daily Deaths on Texas Roads as 20th Anniversary Approaches 10/30/20
Traffic Crashes Increase In Energy-Producing Areas In Texas 10/20/20
TxDOT to Help Parents as Agency Reports Most Car Seats are Used Incorrectly 09/18/20
Don't Mess with Texas® Calls on Iconic Texas Voices to Stop PPE Litter 09/04/20
TxDOT Urges Drivers To Plan A Sober Ride 08/31/20
Dangers in the Car: TxDOT’s New Augmented Reality Game Urges Drivers to Never Drive Distracted 08/04/20
Crashes Take Heavy Toll On State’s Motorcyclists 07/13/20
Drunk Driving Victims Share Heartbreaking Stories in Effort to Stop Drinking and Driving 07/02/20
Txdot Taking Covid-19 Action To Keep Employees And Public Safe 03/17/20
Young Drivers Urged to Plan Sober Rides Ahead of Spring Break 03/05/20
Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg, Jr. Unveils Plan to Fund I-35 through Austin 02/26/20
TxDOT Shows Teens Deadly Reality of Not Buckling Up 02/04/20
TxDOT Urges Football Fans To Plan Ahead For A Sober Ride 01/31/20
Don’t Mess With Texas® Offering Scholarships To Texas Students 01/31/20
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