Eagle Pass International Center for Trade
3295 Bob Rogers Dr.
Eagle Pass, TX 78852 (Map)


Wednesday, April 24, 2019
9-11 a.m.


TxDOT is hosting a series of stakeholder workshops throughout the border region to get your input on multimodal transportation needs, issues, challenges, and potential opportunities and solutions for efficiently and safely moving people and goods across the border and in the border region. The workshops will feature displays, a brief presentation, and an opportunity to provide feedback.

The intended audience for this workshop includes binational public and private sector stakeholders, brokers and logistics firms, cargo owners, and other trade transportation industry professionals.


TxDOT, in collaboration and partnership with the Border Trade Advisory Committee, is working with U.S. and Mexican agencies and stakeholders to develop the Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan (BTMP). The master plan will identify the cross-border challenges of moving people and goods and will include analysis of existing transportation systems — roadway, transit, pedestrian, pipeline, air, rail, ports and waterways.

The plan will analyze current and future transportation and will include a prioritized list of transportation investment strategies that improves the efficient movement of people and goods across the border and supports binational, state, regional and local economic competitiveness.

TxDOT is requesting the binational public and private sector stakeholders sign-up to attend the workshop to better understand attendance. Please register for this workshop at TxDOT_BorderTrade@txdot.gov or 512-685-2955.


TxDOT Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Attn: Timoteo "Tim" Juarez, Jr.
125 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 685-2955


Posted April 8, 2019