Public Hearing - Revisions to Administrative Rules, Chapter 2, Environmental Policy

Where: Texas Department of Transportation
200 East Riverside Drive
Room 1A.1
Austin, TX 78701

When: Monday, Jan. 9, 2012
10:00 a.m
Purpose: To receive public comments concerning rule revisions to 43 TAC Chapter 2.


The 82nd Texas Legislature, in passing Senate Bill 548, Senate Bill 1420 and House Bill 630, enacted Transportation Code, Chapter 201, Subchapter I-1, setting forth new requirements for the environmental review of highway projects, and requiring the department to adopt rules implementing Subchapter I-1.

These same three bills also enacted Transportation Code, §222.006, Environmental Review Certification Process, requiring the department to, by rule, establish a process to certify department district environmental specialists who work on documents related to the environmental review process.

This proposed rulemaking implements the recent legislation, and makes other substantive and non-substantive changes to the department's existing environmental review rules intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the environmental review process for transportation projects.


Rich O'Connell
Texas Department of Transportation
Phone: (512) 463-8630