Where: Texas Department of Transportation
200 East Riverside Drive
Room 1A.1
Austin, TX 78704
When: Thursday, June 7, 2012
10 a.m.
Purpose: To receive public comment on rules concerning planning and development of transportation projects.

Chapter 16 was adopted in 2010 to establish a comprehensive, transparent, well-defined, and understandable process for the department's project planning and programming functions that integrate priorities, financial forecasts, and project milestones.

Senate Bill 1420, 82nd Legislature, Regular Session, 2011, amended Transportation Code, §201.601, and added new §§201.6015, 201.620, 201.807 - 201.811, and 201.991 - 201.998 to provide a statutory framework for the department's transportation planning, programming, funding, and reporting obligations.

The proposed amendments are necessary to comply with Senate Bill 1420 and clarify existing language.

Contact: Marc Williams
Director of Planning
Texas Department of Transportation
Phone: (512) 305-9595