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PTN-130 Vendor Consolidated Certification Form


No. Title  
PTN-104 Agency Charter Service Report
PTN-105 Subrecipient Project Grant Agreement Closeout
PTN-124 Procurement Monitoring Form
PTN-126 On-site Monitoring Form
PTN-127 Checklist for On-site Monitoring
PTN-129 Compliance Review (Section 5310, 5311, 5339, and State Funds)
PTN-138 Construction Progress Report
  DBE Commercially Useful Function Monitoring Review
  DBE Semiannual Report Training
  Checklist for DBE Reporting


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PTN-116 Request to Purchase Non-Accessible Vehicle(s)
PTN-124 Procurement Monitoring Form
PTN-140 Warranty Certification
PTN-141 Change Form / Request for Approved Equals


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  Two-Party Check Request for Reimbursement of Grant Funding
  Proposal/Request for Reimbursement (RFR) Workbook - State
  Proposal/Request for Reimbursement (RFR) Workbook - Federal
  Proposal/Request for Reimbursement (RFR) Workbook - Instructions
  Title VI Plan Template
PTN-128 Texas Transit Operational Report
PTN-131 Section 5310 Planning Checklist
PTN-133 Transit Training Scholarship Program
PTN-134 DBE Reporting Form
PTN-135 Categorical Exclusion Worksheet
PTN-136 Improvement Action Plan (IAP)
  IAP Closeout Form IAP Closeout Form PDF
PTN-137 Compliance Review Form
PTN-142 District Section 5310 Annual Report
PTN-143 In-Kind Contribution Form In-Kind Contribution Form PDF
2433 Internal Compliance Program Certification In-Kind Contribution Form PDF


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PTN-101 Transit Vehicle Incident Reporting Form Transit Vehicle Incident Reporting Form PDF
PTN-102 Drug and Alcohol Management Program Monitoring Form