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NOTE:  All instructor-led classes listed below are subject to cancellation in accordance with TxDOT’s Coronavirus guidelines.  Prior to registering/attending a class, please check on the course status by clicking on the “contact us” button above and sending an email to determine if the class will be held as scheduled or postponed.

TxDOT provides environmental online and instructor led courses for its non-TxDOT partners.

Consultants, contractors and other interested individuals are welcome to register for these classes. Online courses are available for a fee.

Instructor-led courses are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. As courses become available, this webpage will be updated. No certification from TxDOT is implied or intended for individuals who attend and complete a course.

Online Courses

Courses are available through the University of Texas-Arlington's Division for Enterprise Development and through AASHTO's Training Store. These courses are generally one-hour in length.


Course registration begins 30 calendar days before the course's start date. To register for a course, contact us. The registration period closes seven calendar days before the course begins. All reservations will be confirmed by email from TxDOT. If seats are unavailable, TxDOT will email a notification and place the individual on a waiting list.


If a course or seat reservation is cancelled, TxDOT will refund all fees, send an email notification and place the affected individuals on a waiting list for the course.

TxDOT reserves the right to cancel a course for any reason, and each course has an attendance minimum. If the attendance minimum is not met, the course will be canceled. TxDOT also reserves the right to cancel individual seat reservations, for up to one calendar week before a course, to accommodate TxDOT training needs. As necessary, the seat reservations will be canceled starting from the last-reserved seat.

Local Government Project Oriented Courses

The Environmental Affairs division offers a course entitled “TxDOT Environmental Process for Local Governments” (Course Code ENV429) in conjunction with the Local Government Project Procedures Qualification for TxDOT class (Course Code LGP101). These courses are provided throughout the year at various TxDOT District offices across the state. ENV429 is a half-day course taught at the conclusion of LGP101. Individuals who register for LGP101 are encouraged to also register for ENV429. For more information about LGP101, the schedule, and how to register for the course visit Local Government Project Procedures Training and Qualification. The schedule and course description for ENV429 is provided below. To register for this course, please contact us.


Course Schedule

July Course Code Course Title Description
07/22/21 ENV429
TxDOT Environmental Process for Local Governments (Virtual) This course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the TxDOT Environmental Process as prescribed in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).
August Course Code Course Title Description
08/05/21 ENV429
TxDOT Environmental Process for Local Governments (Virtual) This course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the TxDOT Environmental Process as prescribed in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).
08/11/21 ENV211 ECOS Training (Virtual) Prepares users for new functions/features to the TX Environmental Compliance Oversight System (ECOS) application. It specifically trains the user how to utilize the system in efforts to capture required information for environmental projects.
08/10/21 ENV125 Traffic Noise Basics (Austin) This course will cover the basics of acoustics and the traffic noise analysis process.
08/11-12/21 ENV115 Highway Traffic Noise Analysis (Austin) The course will prepare staff to accomplish noise analysis utilizing the TNM 2.5 software and document highway traffic noise analyses for transportation improvement projects. Students should have some familiarity with GIS and CAD applications.
September Course Code Course Title Description
09/28-29/21 ENV114 Hazmat in Project Delivery (Virtual) The course will prepare staff to conduct more effective initial site assessments for hazardous materials issues relating to transportation projects and to prepare the appropriate documentation of the findings.
Course Code Course Title Description
10/26-28/21   TxDOT Environmental Coordinator’s Conference (Houston)  
November Course Code Course Title Description
11/03-04/21 ENV113 NEPA/Transportation Decision-making (Austin) Participants will get a better perspective of the vital role NEPA plays in the FHWA Project Development process. It has a brief legislative and regulatory history of NEPA and an overview of related laws that fall under NEPA.
December Course Code Course Title Description
12/01/21 ENV121 USACE Section 404/10 (Austin) Introduction to identifying wetlands and assessing their function/values, types of authorization (nationwide/regional/individual permits), the permitting process, and requirements the Clean Water Act Section 404 and Rivers and Harbors Act Section 10.
12/02/21 ENV110 Section 7 – ESA and Interagency Cooperation (Austin) The workshop will provide an in-depth overview of the Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation requirements for highway projects with emphasis on lead agency role and legal responsibilities. Compliance issues will be reviewed through case studies.



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