Vessel history
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Vessel history

TxDOT has operated ferries since 1934. TxDOT has operated 12 ferry vessels over 90 years, listed below are the ferries operated:

  • Galveston (1934-1950)
  • Jefferson (1934-1950)
  • Cone Johnson (1950- Mid 1990s)
  • R.S. Sterling (1950- Late 1990s)
  • E.H. Thornton (1958- Late 1990s)
  • Gibb Gilchrist (1977-Present)
  • Robert C. Lanier (1991-Present)
  • Dewitt C. Greer (1994-Present)
  • Ray Stoker Jr. (1996-Present)
  • Robert H. Deadman (1998-Present)
  • John W. Johnson (2011-Present)
  • Esperanza “Hope” Andrade (2023-Present)

TxDOT has operated landings from 1934 to present, ranging from two landings (Galveston at present location/Bolivar at Fort Travis (Fort Travis location moved sometime in the early 50’s)) one on each side increasing over the years from the original two, increasing to 4 (beginning in the early 80’s) and increased to 6 in mid the 2000’s.