Ferry rules
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Ferry rules

These rules have been established to protect passengers and crew.

Port Aransas

  • Dumping trash on the ferry deck or in the water is prohibited by law.
  • Small children should be accompanied by a parent/guardian while on ferry deck.
  • Please do not stand between vehicles when the ferry is entering the landing.
  • There is no smoking aboard the ferry.
  • Please turn off your vehicle engine and set your parking brake.
  • More than two portable gasoline cans (six gallons in size) are not allowed aboard the ferry.
  • Do not tamper with any lifesaving or emergency equipment.
  • The maximum overall weight per vehicle is 80,000 pounds, the maximum height is 13.6 feet, width is 13 feet and length is 80 feet (no permits accepted).
  • Any hazardous material as referenced in 49 CFR Parts 100 through 185 is not allowed aboard the ferry.
  • Please drive on and off the ferry slowly. Vehicles should not exceed 3 mph.
  • Follow the directions of the ferry deckhand while driving on and off the ferry.
  • No dogs may exit vehicles and be on the deck, except seeing-eye dogs. They must be held. Note: Pedestrians who walk up with a dog on a short leash may stand at the back of the ferry away from other passengers, if there is space for them to stay clear of the other passengers. Large dogs (in the back of trucks) must be restrained or accompanied by owner.
  • No other animals are allowed on deck.
  • If you are handicapped or have special needs, please contact the ferry in advance so vessel parking accommodations can be made. For more information, please call 361-749-2850.

Galveston - Port Bolivar

  • Dumping trash on the ferry deck or in the water is prohibited by law.
  • Do not sit on the rails of the vessel.
  • Feed the seagulls at the rear of the ferry only.
  • No swimming or diving from the ferry.
  • Vehicles must be turned off as soon as you are parked on the ferry vessel or when directed to do so by the ferry crew. Please set your parking brake. Please do not walk in front of or behind any parked vehicle while the ferry vessel is approaching and/or entering the landing. Please remain in your vehicle until the ferry has departed.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the ferry, including inside your vehicle. This includes vapor and e-cigarettes.
  • Do not tamper with any lifesaving equipment.
  • Pets and animals, other than service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, must remain inside the owner's vehicle.
  • Please follow the directions of the deckhands while driving on and off the ferry vessel.
  • Vehicle maximum weight is 80,000 lbs, maximum length is 65 feet, maximum height is 13.5 feet and the maximum width is 8.5 feet.
  • The transportation of hazardous materials including portable gas cans are forbidden with the exception of propane tanks attached to recreational vehicles as integral equipment and two extra federally approved gas tanks in trailered boats.
  • Passenger restrooms are located on both the Galveston and Port Bolivar sides near the vehicle staging areas, also on the upper deck of all ferry vessels. An additional wheelchair accessible bathroom is located on the Bolivar end of the main car deck.
  • If accommodations are needed due to a handicap or special need, please contact the Ferry Operation in advance so vessel parking accommodations can be made prior to your arrival. For more information, please call 409-795-2230.
  • Once aboard, please ask any ferry crew member if you need assistance.