ITS technical qualification
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ITS technical qualification

In addition to the financial prequalification requirements that all bidders must meet, TxDOT may require technical qualification for certain categories of Intelligent Transportation Systems work. The work categories are shown in the table below.

Application for ITS technical qualification

TxDOT will not accept bids from bidders that have not met the established technical qualifications. Note: The list of ITS technically qualified bidders is based on Special Provision 002-007, which has become effective since the January 2017 letting.

To apply for technical qualification in a specific work category, select the applicable form from the table and complete the application. Gather all supporting documentation demonstrating the capability of the bidder or the bidder’s proposed subcontractors to successfully perform the specific categories of work that apply to the contract. See the "Important Notice to Contractors" special provision in the contract to find the categories of work that apply to that particular contract.

The experience requirements for each work category include three completed projects, one of which must have been completed within the past five years. Vendor reference statements for equipment experience are required under certain work categories but may be waived if the bidder has acceptable documentation from a vendor demonstrating their experience installing the particular equipment without on-site assistance.


Please submit the signed, complete application, including applicant experience statements, project reference statements, and vendor reference statements, to the email address shown on the application form. The complete application may also be mailed to:

TxDOT - Attn: ITS Technical Qualification
Traffic Safety Division
6230 E. Stassney Lane
Austin, TX 78744


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Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
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