Letting and bid acknowledgment for priority invoice processing and Early Payment Program
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ATTENTION TXDOT CUSTOMERS: Some TxDOT applications and equipment have been impacted by the worldwide CrowdStrike outage. State agencies across Texas are working closely with the Department of Information resources to restore services as quickly as possible. If you are unable to access specific TxDOT information or tools, please check back with us in a few hours. We will update this message once applications and equipment are fully restored.

Letting and bid acknowledgment for priority invoice processing and Early Payment Program

TxDOT is providing our vendor community an opportunity to get paid faster, while reducing their operational cost, and gain efficiencies by customizing needs through our innovative program.

TxDOT is offering an important program to all bidders that provides you the opportunity to prioritize your invoice processing and receive payments sooner. The program gives enrolled vendors enhanced benefits from improved invoice processing to priority handling to cash advancement and technology efficiencies:

  • Your electronic invoice submissions are sent to one centralized mailbox as opposed to multiple regional or divisional mailbox locations, simplifying submission and tracking.
  • All rejection notices are sent via email, usually within one business day, with instructions on how to revise and resubmit your invoice for payment.
  • Your invoices will receive priority processing with Accounts Payable resulting in faster payments.
  • Your payments will be accelerated from your contractual terms which provides cash sooner.
  • You will receive detailed remittance statements which provides easy reconciliation of invoice payments.
  • Complete the Early Payment Program Acknowledgment form. Follow these instructions to submit the completed form.

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