Submission deadlines - DBE Utilization Plans
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Submission deadlines - DBE Utilization Plans

Effective March 2020 Letting, TxDOT implemented important changes to specifications regarding Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) commitments in order to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR §26.53, and the Texas Administrative Code, 43 TAC §9.17 and 9.227.

The submission of a DBE Utilization Plan (UP) is no longer applicable to the lowest bidder only. For federally funded construction contracts with DBE goals, all bidders must submit a UP or document good faith efforts to meet the DBE goal within five calendar days after bid opening as defined in the CFR. If the fifth day falls on a weekend or a day when TxDOT offices are closed, the deadline moves to the next business day.

All DBE subcontractors, suppliers, and haulers listed on a bidder's UP must confirm the type of work provided and the total amounts shown. Actual participation as a DBE will be based on approval of the UP or good faith efforts documentation by the Civil Rights Division and award of a contract to the selected bidder.

As a reminder, a prime contractor that is also a DBE will not need to submit a UP.

Please contact the Civil Rights Division with any questions at 512-416-4700.

FY 2024 letting dates and Utilization Plan due dates

Note: Utilization Plans are due five days from bid day. If the fifth day ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday, the due date extends to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday.
Letting dates Utilization Plan (UP) due*

Wed, 09/06/23

Mon, 09/11/23

Thurs, 09/07/23

Tues, 09/12/23

Thurs, 10/05/23

Tues, 10/10/23

Fri, 10/06/23

Wed, 10/11/23

Wed, 11/01/23

Mon, 11/06/23

Thurs, 11/02/23

Tues, 11/07/23

Tues, 12/05/23

Mon, 12/11/23

Wed, 12/06/23

Mon, 12/11/23

Thurs, 01/04/24

Tues, 01/09/24

Fri, 01/05/24

Wed, 01/10/24

Thurs, 02/01/24

Tues, 02/06/24

Fri, 02/02/24

Wed, 02/07/24

Tues, 03/05/24

Mon, 03/11/24

Wed, 03/06/24

Mon, 03/11/24

Thurs, 04/04/24

Tues, 04/09/24

Fri, 04/05/24

Wed, 04/10/24

Thurs, 05/02/24

Tues, 05/07/24

Fri, 05/03/24

Wed, 05/08/24

Wed, 06/05/24

Mon, 06/10/24

Thurs, 06/06/24

Tues, 06/11/24

Tues, 07/09/24

Mon, 07/15/24

Wed, 07/10/24

Mon, 07/15/24

Thurs, 08/01/24

Tues, 08/06/24

Fri, 08/02/24

Wed, 08/07/24