Bid Tabulations Dashboard
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Bid Tabulations Dashboard

The Bid Tabulations dashboard displays bidding information on projects let through statewide and local district letting for the past 24 months. Users can explore all the bids submitted for projects as well as TxDOT’s estimate.

The Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), the Electronic Bidding System, and the project proposal are the official sources of advertisement and bidding information for the State and Local Lettings. Bidders should bid the project using the information found therein, including any addenda. These sources take precedence over information from other sources, including TxDOT webpages, which are unofficial and intended for informational purposes only.

For more information, see Bid Tabulations and Bid Totals.

Questions about data

Submit an open records request if you have questions about the data in the bid tabulations dashboard.