Hazardous Materials Toolkit
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Hazardous Materials Toolkit

The term hazardous materials refers to a broad category of hazardous wastes, hazardous substances and toxic chemicals with the potential to negatively impact human health or the environment. The presence or suspected presence of hazardous material with the potential to influence a transportation project creates a multitude of problems affecting right of way acquisition, project development and construction. Environmental practitioners can use these resources and tools to prepare materials associated with the management of hazardous materials during project development.

Questions? Contact the Pollution Prevention and Abatement Section (PPA) at 512-416-3012.

General guidance

Date Title Description
07/14 Environmental Handbook for Hazardous Materials Focuses on the identification, management, coordination and documentation of hazardous materials during the National Environmental Policy Act process
09/07 Hazardous Materials in Project Development Manual TxDOT's comprehensive online manual for Hazardous Materials in Project Development
04/23 Specifications: ENV-HMM Contracting Standard Operating Procedures Used when initiated by specific contract scopes-of-work administered by the Hazardous Materials Management Branch in the Environmental Affairs Division (ENV) of TxDOT. These SOPs can be used by other contracting entities inside or outside of TxDOT

Initial site assessment

Date Title Description
03/24 Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment (ISA) The ISA is a process that identifies potential hazardous materials impacts to TxDOT projects
03/24 Job Aid: Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment (ISA)  To assist in completing the Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment (ISA) form.
04/17 Statement of Work for Hazardous Materials Processes Related to NEPA To assist entities including local governments, developers, contractors, TxDOT or any other interested parties conducting Hazardous Materials investigations
02/23 Ordering Procedures: ERIS Information, Inc. Environmental Database Record Search Master Blanket – PO #60100*13018 Provides streamlined email ordering procedures for procurement of an environmental database record search under ENV’s GeoSearch Inc. contract, in support of the hazardous materials initial site assessment
11/18 Frequently Asked Questions - Initial Site Assessment & Project Development Provides commonly asked questions and answers related to the HMM NEPA Process


Date Title Description
02/14 Hazardous Materials in Project Development: Environmental Documentation Provides general examples of environmental documentation summarizing the environmental site assessments, investigations and impacts for hazardous materials
  Guidance for Preparing and Processing Environmental and Section 4(f) Documents (T 6640.8A) Provides guidance focused on documentation requirements for environmental impact statements, for other environmental documentation and Section 4(f) documentation and impacts to hazardous materials
07/08 Hazardous Materials in Project Development: Scheduling Considerations, Internal/External Coordination and Recommended Practices for Resolving Hazmat Issues Summarizes scheduling considerations, internal and external coordination and recommended practices for resolving several different hazardous materials issues
02/14 Hazardous Materials in Project Development: Laws, Regulations and Agencies Provides requirements of federal and state laws and regulations that apply to the management of hazardous materials in project development and the information on the regulatory agencies responsible for implementing those requirements
  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Hazardous Waste Sites Affecting Highway Project Development (1988) Provides a framework to build effective processes for dealing with hazardous materials
  FHWA Supplemental Hazardous Waste Guidance (1997) Supplements the 1988 FHWA guidance
  FHWA Policy Revision to Support the Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative Supports the brownfields initiatives by encouraging participation in transportation projects that include the use and redevelopment of contaminated sites when appropriate
07/08 Timely Asbestos Notification for TxDOT Bridge Demolition Projects: Questions & Answers Explains the Texas Department of State Health Services requirements for providing notification of asbestos abatement and demolition projects
02/14 Removal of USTs Encountered During Construction Provides procedural guidance for addressing an unanticipated UST system discovered in the right of way located in the path of construction


Date Title Description
02/14 Hazardous Materials in Project Development: Agreements Includes standardized language describing the agreements concerning site assessments