Fiscal year procurement plan
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Fiscal year procurement plan

The Professional Engineering Procurement Services (PEPS) division develops a Fiscal Year Procurement Plan for professional services (engineering, architectural, and surveying) contracts to be procured in pre-planned waves over the current and next fiscal year. PEPS schedules four waves for each fiscal year. Procurement waves kickoff quarterly in September, December, March, and June as shown on the following calendar.

Plan distribution

The PEPS Fiscal Year Procurement Plan is developed using historical data and professional services needs identified by each district and division. The PEPS Division works with the districts and divisions to schedule the required procurement events into the procurement waves. The Fiscal Year Projected Contracts List is posted in the fall of the year preceding the fiscal year and is updated frequently. The following table shows a snapshot of the current procurement plan by discipline and the anticipated percentage of the annual total contract values.

Disciplines Percent of total
Bridge Inspection 13%
Bridge On/Off Replacement 3%
Comprehensive Engineering Consultant (CEC) 2%
Construction, Engineering, Inspection (CEI) 18%
CPM Scheduling Support 1%
Engineering 2%
Engineering- other <1%
Engineering facilities 2%
General Engineering Consultant (GEC) 1%
Geotechnical <1%
Hydraulics & Hydrology <1%
Materials engineering 2%
Pavement Design <1%
Planning 12%
Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) 11%
Schematic / Environmental 15%
Schematic / Environmental / PS&E 6%
Signal timing <1%
Surveying 5%
Traffic & Revenue 1%
Traffic Engineering 5%
Utility Engineering 3%