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The invoice template published on the website will be the most current template. Always use the current template. Do not submit the invoice more than once as this will cause a delay in processing. Submit all invoice questions to:

Invoice template packages and resources


Frequently asked questions

PEPS has developed step-by-step videos that will guide you through filling out the different invoice templates for all payment types except CPFF, which is still in the works. Most questions regarding the invoice templates can be resolved by referencing these videos. It is highly recommended you use these resources prior to contacting PEPS for assistance with the invoice templates.

Enter the four-digit Fiscal Year (FY) that applies to the billing period. TxDOT’s fiscal year begins September 1st and ends August 31st of each year.  For example, September 1, 2021 will begin FY 2022.

Due to the number of columns being used on the Summary of Total Amt Invoiced you will need to change the page size to 11” X 17” and change the orientation to landscape. This will allow for all the columns to show up correctly. This would be the only worksheet that needs this change.

If there is an issue when saving and reopening your file, download the most recent version of the template to your computer. This will help to eliminate the problem.

The amount shown on the Invoice worksheet turns red because it is not a match for the total shown on the Signature Authority worksheet due to adding the Supplemental Invoice Template.

The invoice amount is correct, but because the amount shown on the Invoice worksheet does not match the amount shown on the Signature Authority worksheet, the amount shown on the Invoice worksheet turned red.

This alerts the PEPS Invoice Center to look for a Supplemental Invoice, and to check that the totals shown on the corresponding worksheets are correct, and all necessary documentation for the Supplemental Invoice is attached.

Use the Supplementary Invoice (Log #2, #3, etc.) to bill for the corrected labor rates.  Include detailed backup documentation to clearly identify the incorrect labor rates, and then the correct labor rates.  The Supplementary Invoice(s) will be attached to the primary invoice.


Additionally, we encourage subproviders to use the Invoice Template for their billings.  It is easier to clearly identify the CSJ/FC for subproviders when using the Invoice Template, and it is also easier for the PEPS Invoice Center to process.

The mileage rate is adjustable. The cell is unlocked to where the provider can enter the mileage rate that applies to the dates of service.

While it is not required, the Invoice Template can be used for subprovider billings.  It would be beneficial to both the prime provider and to PEPS for tracking purposes. This would make our audit process better as well.

The actual Fixed Fee (FF) for a WA is negotiated and identified in the WA.  The invoice template automatically calculates the FF based upon a percentage of labor and profit.

If a FF is remaining at the end of the WA, the provider will enter the remaining FF balance on the “Fixed Fee Adjustment” line item (Cell E23) on the WA Financial Status Summary worksheet for final payment.

Providers are not allowed to bill partial for any deliverables, they can bill for any and/or all deliverables completed after the reinstated letter’s date.  For any lump sum method of payment invoices are not tied to time periods that work was done.  The invoice and payment on a lump sum agreement applies to the fiscal year that the deliverable being paid for was submitted or completed. Also, for any lump sum method of payment when work was completed is irrelevant, it’s all pertaining to the actual work produced.

You can submit your request directly to the PEPS Invoice Center inbox or you can email your request to PEPS Invoice Center Leads or Manager. Once you receive confirmation that your invoice has been voided, you can resubmit revised invoice at that time. 

Vendor will receive payment 30 calendar days from the date the invoice is received by TXDOT. If an invoice is received after business hours 8am – 5pm, over the weekend or on a holiday, the invoice will be date stamped on the next business day for processing. 

You can resubmit a rejected invoice once it is corrected, which fixes the identified deficiencies. This corrected invoice should be submitted as soon as possible. The resubmission of this invoice will not be counted as a second invoice, even if another invoice is submitted in that same month (30-day period), for a subsequent monthly billing period.