Traffic Safety eGrants
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Traffic Safety eGrants

TxDOT's Traffic Safety Electronic Grants Management System, or eGrants, is a web-based solution for the application, scoring and management of grants within TxDOT's Traffic Safety Program. With eGrants you can:

  • Create and submit grant proposals.
  • Manage your grant project.
  • Submit performance reports.
  • Submit requests for reimbursement.

Getting started

Eligible organizations such as state and local government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit agencies, can request access to the eGrants System by selecting the New User link on the login page. If you belong to an organization that already has an eGrants account, please contact your subgrantee administrator for access to the system. For specific eligibility criteria and instructions on applying for a grant please read the Traffic Safety Request for Proposals page.


Access to the Traffic Safety eGrants System is available to all eligible organizations. Access to the eGrants System, and/or using the eGrants System to submit a proposal does not guarantee the award of a grant or grant funds. Eligible organizations assume all risk and liability for any losses, damages, claims or expenses resulting from the use of eGrants. Eligible organizations agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless TxDOT, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, losses, damages or costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising from or by use of eGrants.