2020 County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant Program
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2020 County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant Program

The Texas Department of Transportation has received applications from counties for a grant under the County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant Program, which was created by the Texas Legislature and is being administered by TxDOT. TxDOT has completed the application review process and has calculated eligible grant awards for all eligible applicant counties.

TxDOT has sent applicable counties a Notice of Eligible Grant Award letter by certified mail. Pursuant to the 43 TAC §15.191, before receiving a grant award from the fund and any allowable reimbursements from the eligible grant amount, the county must enter into an agreement with TxDOT. Information and instructions on executing an agreement are provided below.

The County Transportation Infrastructure Program must be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The agreement and Program Implementation Procedures were developed to assist each county and TxDOT in achieving full compliance while keeping project development and administration activities at reasonable levels of effort. It is each party’s responsibility to fulfill its respective obligations under the applicable laws, rules and regulations. Many of the requirements are contained in the Texas Uniform Grant Management Standards, the Texas Transportation Code and the Texas Administrative Code.

Timeframe for reimbursement of grant funds

As outlined in Section 256.108 of the Texas Transportation Code, the deadline for TxDOT to reimburse counties for eligible work under the 2020 program call is June 24, 2025, which is 5 years from the grant award date. To ensure counties are reimbursed for work activities, TxDOT recommends that counties complete work, pay vendors, and submit reimbursement requests to TxDOT by April 24, 2025. 

Application period (closed)

April 27, 2020 – May 27, 2020

Applications are required to be submitted electronically by email to TxDOT.

A complete application consists of the following three documents:

  1. Application Form;
  2. List of Transportation Infrastructure Projects (Prioritized List); and
  3. County-approved road condition report.

Any county application submitted before April 27, 2020, will be deemed received by TxDOT on April 27, 2020, for purposes of TxDOT's review timeline under the applicable statute and rules. No application will be accepted after May 27, 2020.

Estimated Grant Funds Available: $249,500,000

Award and grant agreement

Program documents and forms

Application documents

2020 program background information

The 86th Legislature (2019), in House Bill 4280, modified the statutory allocation formula for the program and added some program requirements for county grant recipients. Specifically, HB 4280 amended Subchapter C, Chapter 256, Transportation Code, by adding Section 256.107, to require that, when a county uses program funds to contract for construction or maintenance, the county must competitively bid (low-bid) the projects and publicly open the bids. Under Section 256.108, Transportation Code, a county must spend the county’s grant allocation within five years from the award date.

HB 4280 modifies the statutory allocation formula for the program by adding the vertical well completion ratio as a factor in the program allocation formula and adjusts the relative percentages of two other factors to establish the following revised allocation formula for distributing grant funds among the counties:

  • 10% - weight tolerance permits ratio (previously 20%);
  • 20% - oil and gas production taxes ratio (no change);
  • 45% - horizontal well completion ratio (previously 50%);
  • 10% - volume of oil and gas waste injected ratio (no change); and
  • 15% - vertical well completion ratio (new).

TxDOT will rely on data from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, the Texas Railroad Commission, and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to calculate the allocation of grant funds appropriately with the updated formula requirements of the program.

The 86th Legislature has appropriated $250 million for the 2020 program call. HB 4280 will require TxDOT to update and modify the program’s current administrative rules, program documents, and agreements. The proposed changes to the administrative rules were approved (as draft) by the commission at the November meeting. The final rules were approved by the commission at the February meeting and published in the Texas Register on March 13, 2020, with an effective date of March 18, 2020.

Program notice

Project information regarding the 2020 County Transportation Infrastructure Fund program is available to the public. To obtain a copy of a county’s current CTIF 2020 project list, please email us. A request should include the name of the county. Please note that counties may revise their respective project lists from time to time. The most recent list will be provided in response to a request.